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In America alone, over 10 million mattresses are discarded into our landfills every year.  These mattresses not only take up valuable space in our landfills, but also create serious potential hazards.  Mattresses are commodities that are used by almost every American.   When replacing an old mattress, most people simply throw it away without considering the consequences or alternatives.  It is important to understand how dangerous it is to throw old mattresses into our landfills and how beneficial it is to recycle or reuse them instead.

Learn more about Mattress Recycling and what you can do.....
Mattress are built to last for years.  The dismantling & recycling of them is very labor intensive with little profit.

What's our alternative?

Where running out of room in our land fills.  Please, do your part. and Recycle
The Dangers of purchasing a recovered mattress: 
  • Unsafe Chemicals used in old mattress
  • Studies show that recovered mattress may cause multiple illnesses 
  • Trapping Bed Bugs, Old Mites and Parasites from old used mattresses
Keeping mattress out of our land fill is important, why?
  • They creates flammable air pockets under the ground 
  • Takes up valuable land fill space because they don't compresses or bio-degrade
  • The composition of the springs in the mattress causes jams the machinery
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Haul4Me.com Mattress Intake Pricing
$5 Per Piece Mattress and Box Spring Drop-off at our Camarillo Location
Drop-off Hours:
Tuesday thru Saturday
10 AM - 3 PM
Don't Have a Truck?  We can pick them up for a small fee.

*Our Standard Recycling Fee will be charged for weather damage, dirt or heavily soiled Mattresses or Box Springs (left outside in the rain and muddy)
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